AV Services and Equipment in Macau

AV Services in Macau

AV Equipment and Services

We provide AV Services and Equipment rental and support.Most of all, our Av technicians will give you personalized solutions for your corporate event. We offer the best solutions to create high impact meetings, corporate events, trade show and exhibits. All designed with efficient systems to keep costs minimal at your special events.


Audio Visual Technician in Macau

DJ for Corporate Events

With our professional DJs in Macau, we assure you that you will have just the right music for your Corporate Event, Gala Dinner, Cocktail Party or Special Event. Soft background music or a dancing party, our DJ will set the right tune for your special events. In addition, our DJ services also include all equipment, set up and dismantle.

Vj Corporate Services Macau

VJ Corporate Services

Our professional VJ will give you the best live video multimedia performance! We will create a unique and innovative atmosphere with a combination of performing arts. In this real-time audiovisual performance, a VJ creates and manipulates images in synchronization with music, producing animated motion pictures.

Our AV Equipment and Services:

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