During 10 days full of conferences the leaders of Lyoness had unforgettable themed gala dinners with some of the best entertainment performances in Macau. During their stay in Macau the leaders had the chance to work as a team and get closer to each other in the different events and team building activities. One of the big moments of this convention were the team building activities organized by smallWORLD that gave an important contribution for their teamwork. The group was divided in different groups and during all day they had 3 different outdoor team building activities:Dragon Boat, Macau iPad Discovery and Macau Tower.

On the Dragon Boat the group was separated in teams, each of the teams composed by “Rowers” and one “Drummer”. While the drummers were competing for the, balance, the noise, for the joy and for energizing their rowers, the rowing group was competing for the finish line. During the Macau iPad Discovery teams had the opportunity of visiting some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and at the same time work as a team to be able to answer the questions and complete successfully all the team games of this team building. In the Macau Tower the challenge had a higher level of adrenaline when 8 members had to do the Skywalk and 1 of the team member had the courage to do the bungee jump. Adrenaline, knowledge, culture and teamwork were the keywords to these outdoor activities.

Client: Lyoness

Group size: approx. 500 pax