iPad Discovery, Sky Drumming and Wine Gourmet Casino

This group had the opportunity for self enrollment in two different activities: one was the Macau iPad Discovery and the other was Sky Drumming.

This is the testimonial from the group that joined the Macau iPad Discovery:

“This was the opportunity for our visitors from Europe to discover old Macau: they were charmed by the unique blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture, which the iPad discovery makes a very good job of introducing in just a couple of hours. The participants from Hong Kong, despite being already familiar with Macau, managed to discover one or two places that they did not already know, evidencing that the tour’s substance goes deeper than just the surface. The iPad discovery was physically challenging in the hot weather; the less fit of our participants nevertheless enjoyed it by skipping a couple of stops and found their way to Saint Paul, where everyone was happy to enjoy a beer and smiles could be seen on all faces.”

This is the testimonial from the group that joined Sky Drumming:

“ A great get-together event: people from across Asia-Pac and Europe joined for a thrilling activity and – with the drumming added – this is a real team-building event! One feels the excitement as you get out of the elevator and the team quite naturally splits into two: the ones wanting to walk outside on a 233 meter platform and those preferring the additional safety of a full-glass window between them and the precipice. As number of people walking outside is limited to about 20, ideal for groups of c. 30 so that everyone that wants to go outside really can do so! Great memories for all as testified by the laughter and chatting as we went for dinner!”

By the end of the day both groups get together for dinner at IFT Restaurant, that started with our great Wine & Gourmet Casino and finished with an exciting auction and awards distribution. This is their testimonial:

“What a great team building idea at the end of a long day of conference and activities: We used the Wine & Gourmet Casino as fun event before dinner to replace the usual drinks/cocktails. This is an excellent way of having your delegates mingle and bond around wine & cheese on the casino tables. There was laughter, discussion, emotion and – most importantly – it was a lot of fun for all participants. And the chips you gain for strong testing results will even serve a further purpose.”

Nicholas Vix, Credit Agriole

Client: Credit Agricole

Group size: 69 pax