“One of the famous festival that has been held in the north of Portugal, city of Porto, called “Fest de Sao Joao do Porto”. Every year, on the night of 23 June the city becomes lively, thousands of people come to the city centre and to the most traditional neighbourhoods to pay a tribute to Saint John the Baptist, in a party that mixes sacred and profane traditions. The St. Joao theme dinner was organized in Sheraton Macau. It is decorated with 3 km long flags hanging from the ceiling, and also LED lights that are hanged behind the stage. There were Lanterns with LED lights in it as part of our table centerpiece. We also prepared some squeaky hammer, whistle and shuttlecock as props for our guests to attend our activity. A Portuguese DJ played the music for the night and made the night more interesting. There were approximately 550 people from different part of Asia joined the dinner, this night was full of fun and joy by the games that our guests participated in.”

Client: Thomson Reuters Asia

Group size: 550 pax