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The Salsa dance originates from the American continent, having started in the 1970’s. It’s Cuban and Puerto Rican influences translated into a very energetic art form, and our dancers are experts in recreating the true environment of the American Salsa clubs. Your event will be well served with this entertainment act!


Belly Dancer Party Entertainment Macau

Belly Dance

Arabian nights are known by their special power to hypnotize its audience by its beauty. During this entertainment, our belly dancer will amuse guests with the rhythm and sensuality of this traditional dance. A thrilling show on its own but your audience is more than welcome to participate! Most of all, we promise you a memorable night in Macau.


This art form of fight-dance created by descendants of African slaves with Brazilian native influences will entertain the guests with its exotic rhythms and acrobatic jumps. Most of all it is a memorable entertainment for your corporate event in Macau. This performance can be accompanied by Samba performers.



This entertainment act is inspired in the Bond glamour and will bring back the magic of the classic casino ages. The mystique from the classic style will come up to the stage and stir the guest with a memorable dance and music show. Enjoy the good old times!

Samba Dance

Originally from Brazil, the Samba is known for its lively and colorful moves. Our Latin performers will surprise your group with their rhythm, energy and constant smiles. This samba act will entertain, thrill and energize the guests while they’re enjoying their dinner. Also, there will be plenty of opportunities to step on the dance floor and samba! In addition, this performance can be accompanied by Capoeira performers.


A team of Can-Can dancers will take the event’s atmosphere to another level! A group of true Can-Can masters will present a wonderful and lively show. After these beautiful girls dance through the audience, they return to the stage with men from the audience to be dressed as “Can-Can Girls”! A guaranteed hit that your guests will always think of with a smile! Probably one of the most entertaining acts you can have in your corporate event in Macau.


Entertainment Macau

Carmen Miranda

Have a flashback to the ’30s with this Carmen Miranda party entertainment! Along with its iconic fruit hats, these performers will amaze your guest with the moves and the Samba rhythms of the great Brazilian actress that made Samba a popular dance around the world!

LED Entertainment Macau

LED Dancers

Be amazed by our LED TRON dance performance. These shows are a great choice of entertainment for corporate events, award ceremonies, product launches, weddings but also private parties in Macau. Surprise your guests with this original show!


Soft Shoulder Ballet

With a contemporary touch, this Chinese approach to the Ballet reveals an incredible power of balance provided mostly by the shoulders. This leads to a fantastic semi-acrobatic ballet that will caption the crowd’s attention during all show. A one-of-a-kind entertainment for your corporate event.


Bollywood Entertainment Macau

Bollywood Dance

With this entertainment show, your guests will be hypnotized with a joyful choreography that will transport them to the world of Bollywood Indian movies! This dance became famous as a result of appearing in a variety of Indian films. It combines Indian traditional folk music and other Indian dance traditions, with the fusion of Western techniques. Let your guests be involved in this unique and energetic dance show!

Entertainment Macau

Portuguese Folk Dance

Macau is a unique place – although it’s in China, it was under the Portuguese colonial rule for over 400 years. Because of that, it has a cultural influence on Western culture along with the Eastern. With this corporate entertainment program, guests can enjoy the traditional Portuguese folk dancing such as the “Vira do Minho” (Minho), “Pauliteiros de Miranda” (Miranda), “Corridinho do Algarve” or “Bailinho” (Madeira) in Macau and have fun with this joyful dance.


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