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Party Themes for Corporate Events in Macau

Our Party Themes will make your Corporate Event a memorable moment!

Party Themes Macau

Moulin Rouge

For one night only, you will have Paris in your event! Bring the 20’s France into your corporate event with this Moulin Rouge themed party. From realistic recreations of the dressing rooms to vintage decoration, this party theme will definitely impress your guests.

THEME PARTY 007 Casino Macau

007 Casino Fever

Our team of party planners will create the most charming party theme you will ever see. The 007 Casino Fever party theme is set and it’s all for your eyes only. Your gala dinner will have elegant decor from table decorations, magic light moon balloons, centerpieces, and James Bond and Bond girls silhouettes.  

Theme Party Macau Carnival Night

Carnival Night

Are you looking for party themes ideas full of color, joy, eccentricity and lots of rhythm? Our party planners will create the true environment of a Carnival Night. Our performers will bring the rhythm of Brazilian Samba and Capoeira to your theme party in Macau.


Chinese Party Themes

Experience Macau’s tradition and heritage in one unique night, with our Chinese themed party. Our team of party planners will have your gala dinner decorated with Chinese iconic objects, lanterns, birdcages lion dance heads as centerpieces. The traditional Chinese entertainment performances such as Dragon and Lion Dance and Mask Changing will be the best choices for a cultural company event in Macau.


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