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Level Up

Time to climb! It's a teamwork competition!

Program Outline

The purpose of the Level Up team building game is to get your team to higher levels and answer higher-scoring questions to get more points.

In order to level up the level, players must complete their available missions (challenges) on their main game screen. You can see your exploration progress on the main interface. Tasks are mainly based on photos, videos and puzzles.

Players can also answer questions to complete each mission. Photos and videos must be executed with the highest possible creativity/accuracy as the team progresses to the next higher level for every five challenges completed. After completing all the tasks, there are hidden challenges waiting for you to experience!


clock white-01 From 90 to 120 minutes
location-01-01 Online
outcome-01 Virtual team building

users minimum white-01 Minimum: 10
users maximum white-01 Maximum: 500

Key Business Benefits

Achievement-icon-01  Improves team energy and dynamics

Achievement-icon-01  Promotes team interaction

 Achievement-icon-01 Challenges time vs task management skills

Achievement-icon-01  Teamwork

Achievement-icon-01  Keeping teams connected

Achievement-icon-01  Develop problem-solving


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