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Mission to Mars

Program Outline

The basic premise of the game is that different information is shared across the different participants in the team so they must collaborate as best as they can to solve the puzzles in the fastest time with the best accuracy.

Hosted via video conference and our virtual facilitator,  participants will have to find the correct launching code. We have 4 levels, or games, each of which uses similar but different activities to keep participants engaged.


clock white-01 From 90 to 120 minutes
location-01-01 Online
outcome-01 Virtual team building

users minimum white-01 Minimum: 5
users maximum white-01 Maximum: 500

Key Business Benefits

Achievement-icon-01  Improves team energy and dynamics

Achievement-icon-01  Promotes team interaction

 Achievement-icon-01 Challenges time vs task management skills

  Teamwork under pressureAchievement-icon-01


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